Bacobs and NG provides quality advisory services that guarantees that students coming to us enjoy a total packaged service that takes care of their processing from beginning till the end. Our Services are:

Information and Updates

At Bacobs and new Generations our focus is on activities that would provide student with information about study abroad. These are in the form of seminars, presentations, bulk emailing and SMS. This way our students are abreast of the offers from partner institutions such as scholarships, internships, and other benefits.

Apart from the students, we also provide on-site strategic information to our partner institutions to enable them penetrate the Nigerian market. These piece of information may include marketing strategies, Government funded scholarships, institution activities to attend, and many more.

  • Descriptions of a range of Academic Institutions and the Courses they offer
  • Academic Admission Requirements
  • Career Prospects after Graduation
  • Life as an International Student
  • VISA Requirements
  • Financial Requirements