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Post Admission Services


In partnership with our represented institutions, we assist students to apply for accommodation and pay the fees to reserve one. Every student deserves shelter to be able to study abroad, therefore, it is our priority to make sure this is arrange for the student before they travel or when they get to school.

Financial Advice

As an Education Consulting company, our job goes beyond getting our students institutions to study. We want to be a part of the balance regarding your financial ability. Our expert counsellors helps you match study destinations or institutions with your budget, so that apart from concentrating on studies abroad, our students do not have to struggle to pay their fees.
Every student is also entitled to scholarship applications where the institution has made some available. Our counsellors would confirm that each student is eligible and file an application after an offer is made.

We also suggest various university, government, and external scholarships to students. We have done this for some of our students- why not be one of them now?

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